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The early years: 1979 - 1984
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25th anniversary event

Breaking News - MHRAC is 40 !!!!

MHRAC celebrated its 40th birthday at the November 2018 meeting.

Roger, G4BVY as the only continuous member of the club throughout it's history gave a brief overview of the club.

"I arrived in Mavern in Summer 1975 before heading off to University and discovered that there was a regular gathering of local radio amateurs who met in the Chase Inn, Upper Colwall, on Thursday evenings. Over the next three summers I got to know these locals well. When I arrived permanently in Malvern in Summer 1978, I started discussions about whether there should be a more formal club in the area. This led to the circulation of this letter:"

MHRAC Startup

"As a result of the meeting on November 7th 1978, MHRAC was born and the list below records the various meeting places:"

13/2/1979 First meeting takes place in the Skittle Alley (now the Chinese) at The Star on Cowleigh Road. (This room was very cold and prompted a move)

April 1980 First meeting at the Foresters, Barnards Green. The club membership grew swiftly and we soon our grew the room.

Sept 1981 First meeting at the Red Lion in Great Malvern. A talk on Receiver Performance by G4BVY! Changes in Landlord caused a further move.

13/01/1998 First meeting at the Town Club, Great Malvern. Closure of the Town Club led to the move to our current premises.

09/07/2013 First meeting at Barnards Green Cricket Club - a talk "The K3 - one year on & where do we go now" by Dave, G4IDF"

And as a real blast from the past:

MHRAC Startup